Bullet Pendant – Gold


Handmade from Bronze then finished in 24 carat Gold.  Worn by modern warriors as a talisman for protection, and as a reminder to face challenges head on. With a choice of necklaces to suit your style.



The Gold Bullet pendant is handmade from one piece of solid Bronze using traditional metalworking techniques.  It is then professionally polished to give the piece a silky smooth lustre.  Finally the piece is plated to the highest quality in 24 carat Gold.

Sizes (approx):

  • Length: 50 mm
  • Width: 8 mm
  • Depth: 8 mm
  • Diameter of loop for necklace: 4 mm

This is a handmade artisan product so naturally there will be some variations between each piece.

Symbolism of the Gold Bullet Pendant

“I’m not hurt at all. Didn’t you know? They can only kill me with a golden bullet.”

T.E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia.

It is a tradition in the US Marine Corps that a sniper who kills an enemy sniper wears the bullet chambered in their weapon – the bullet that was destined to take that sniper’s life, a golden bullet.

Worn by modern warriors as a talisman for protection, and as a reminder to face challenges head on.

Necklace options

Choose from a gold plated trace chain, black leather thong, or a coloured leather thong.

To buy your Gold Bullet pendant tied onto a coloured leather thong, select the ‘coloured leather’ option, and at checkout let us know which colour you would like in the comments box.  Choose from red, green, blue, pink, purple, natural or silver.  They are all made from 3 mm round coloured leather and your pendant will come tied onto it with two slip knots. This allows the necklace to be adjusted in size from approx 13″ to 26″.


Coloured Leather Thong Necklaces

To buy with a metallic braided leather necklace, select the ‘Pendant Only’ option and then add the leather necklace of your choice to your basket and your pendant will come threaded onto your braided leather necklace in a gift box.

Necklace Sizing

The plated trace chains and braided leather necklaces are all 18″ long which is the standard length used for pendants as in general for women the necklace will sit on the collarbone with the pendant hanging just above the breast bone.  For men an 18″ necklace will generally sit at the base of the neck.  If you have a petite or smaller than average neck it may hang a little lower.


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