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For bright shiney things… Source, Design, Build, Tune, Custom Classic Trucks & RV Landyachts:

Ferrari Floyd RV – Built by Ford, Tuned by Ferrari, Toured by Pink Floyd, Reverved by Wolf & Dingo

‘Happiness is……a state of mind……if you’re not happy……change your mind’
Were how the signs read as I drove past on my way to spend another wasted day, time I’ll never get back, doing a dead end job I detested.

I dedicate this and all that I have done since, to the unknown person, a warrior who dared to place  four signs along the grass verge on the Oxford to Thame road in the late 1980’s.

Action leads to reaction, you changed my thoughts, I changed my mind.

Before the week was out I’d jacked in the job and set my life on a new course, sponsored myself through Hereford College studying the art of Blacksmithing and allied trades.

Excelled and propelled over the decades which has now brought you to me, now you know a bit about me I have a question for you, nothing to do with finance, but to do with everything that makes you you, love, life, happiness and all intangable aspects of your life;

How much?

We can’t change our DNA, colour or creed but we can change our mind and with that our heart, which should be singing like the first flush of spring, that’s when you know you’re on it.

Viking Barbarian according to my DNA, know no limits, dream, desire, create… So for you to roam our beautiful lands while enjoying Custom Luxury Living with all the finishing touches you’ll need an outrageously appointed Wolf & Dingo Landyacht.

Custom tuning, interiors, exteriors, bodywork, souring, building, any make any model any age just let us know about that dream…and we’ll give you something like you’ve never had before.

Perhaps a 1948 Chevy Wrecker Loadmaster or a 1951 Dodge Kew, American design, built in Britain and imported back from Australia a few months ago or Custom Motorhomes…Custom Coaches offer Luxury Living on wheels….as do many vehicles… How Much..do you want your dreams realised?

Because very soon Wolf & Dingo – Custom RV Landyachts will be available for sale or hire, set discreetly and privately within the beauty of Cornwall they will offer unrivalled luxury glamping with the capability of offering a complete off site venue package suitable for any occasion, private or corporate…fancy that?

‘Know no limits’ said the Viking

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