Traditionally Made

The candles are handmade in Cornwall by skilled craftsmen and women to fit our range of candle holders perfectly.  They are made using a traditional process called drawing, where the wick is drawn through a bath of molten wax, painstakingly building up layers to create the finished candle.  This traditional process gives them a unique organic texture which is beautiful to behold, it’s almost as if the candle has grown!  

Blend of Quality Waxes

The wax is a specially chosen blend which gives a long burn time, clean burn and won’t drip everywhere like some other candles do.  The blend includes beeswax which is noticeable in the natural white candles as they have a slight golden hue characteristic of beeswax which gives a comforting aroma. 


Our dinner candles which are 200mm (8″) long, with a diameter of 22mm (7/8″) have a burn time of approximately 10 hours.  They are of a traditional design, with a flat base and parallel sides so if used in holders designed for tapered candles they may need to be shaved at the base to fit. Choose from the natural elegant colours to suit your home.  As all candles are handmade there maybe slight variation. 


Never leave a burning candle unattended or within reach of children or pets.  Always place candles on an appropriate heat resistant base or holder on a flat surface, away from draughts and flammable objects.  For best results burn for 3 to 4 hours at a time, never move whilst lit or until wax hardens. Keep the wick trimmed to approx 5 mm and remove the wick trimmings, match stubs and any other foreign objects.

Candles are amazing

Candles are more than just a way of lighting a room, they have been used since ancient times in celebrations and important ceremonies.  We use them to celebrate our birthdays and were traditionally used to decorate Christmas trees.  They can add that special romantic touch to a dinner or give a calming magical ambience to a relaxing bath.

Candle light is warming and comforting in a modern world lit by cold electric lights.  They allow us time out to connect to our primeval selves through watching the dance of the flame.

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