All Bronze jewellery from Atkinson-art comes packaged in a branded presentation box.  Free UK delivery, a next day delivery option is available.

Smoked Bronze

The beautiful dark, almost black, patina of the Smoked Bronze jewellery is achieved by a heat treating process which creates the dark look, almost antique Bronze.

Raw Bronze

Some pieces are in their raw state and will naturally darken down gradually over time to a patina unique to the wearer.

Men’s Bronze Jewellery

We don’t have a specific Men’s Jewellery collection, we leave it up to you to decide which designs you prefer, but all pendants can be bought on a black leather thong or a dark brown braided leather necklace which is a popular choice for men.  We make the braided leather necklaces and tie the black leather thong necklaces ourselves so we are able to offer different lengths upon request, contact us for details.

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