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Luxury Handmade Wrought Ironwork, Metal Art and Jewellery

Atkinson-art jewellery is forged from raw Bronze or Titanium using traditional metal-working techniques. The Bronze pieces are finished with a dark antique smoked patina or are plated to the highest quality in pure Silver or 24 carat Gold.

The forged Titanium jewellery range is something really special. Titanium, ‘metal of the Gods’, is incredibly strong yet very light. Its strength means it is notoriously hard to work yet able to create the finest, most delicate pieces of jewellery. Each piece is forged by hand from pure Titanium, some are finished using a heat treating process which brings out the natural ethereal colours of the Titanium.

For your home we have a range of candle holders. Handmade from solid high grade Aluminium, they are both a statement and conversational piece suitable for any modern contemporary home. To complement your candle holder we have a range of traditionally made candles, handmade in Cornwall from the finest ingredients.

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Atkinson Art

West Tober, Bolventor, Cornwall, PL15 7TY

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