Braided Leather Necklaces


Choose from Red Metallic, Light Blue Metallic, or Brown Metallic colours.  Made from Braided Leather with a Sterling Silver clasp, 18″ long.

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As well as Gold or Silver plated trace chains we also offer a choice of Metallic Braided Leather necklaces which fit all our pendants, allowing you can choose a necklace which suits your style.

The Leather necklaces are made from round Braided Leather cord and have solid Sterling Silver clasp fittings.  At 2.5 mm in diameter they are a lot finer than other Leather necklaces whilst giving an interesting splash of colour they also  complement the pendant.  As we make the Leather necklaces ourselves we are able to offer different lengths upon request, contact us for details.

We currently offer a choice of three colours:

  • Light Blue metallic : this is a turquoise / petrol / teal like colour.
  • Metallic brown: a dark metallic brown with a hint of purple.
  • Red metallic: this is a bold red.

Necklace Sizing

The necklaces are 18″ long which is the standard length used for pendants as in general for women the necklace will sit on the collarbone with the pendant hanging just above the breast bone.  For men an 18″ necklace will generally sit at the base of the neck.  If you have a petite or smaller than average neck it may hang a little lower.


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