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Shooting yr mouth off ?

Words have consequences… avoid being prickly and don’t shoot your mouth off, even on the red carpet!

An extraordinary statement piece of metal art suitable for an extraordinary home or establishment.

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Shooting yr mouth off ?

Words have consequences….avoid being prickly and don’t shoot your mouth off, even on the red carpet!

Designed and handmade by Charles Atkinson.

Barbed wire, aluminium, copper, bitumen, wood mounted red carpet. Recycled and reformed metals and materials are always used when and where possible.

Dimensions (approx):

  • Depth: 175 mm
  • Height: 940 mm
  • Width: 1850 mm
  • Weight: 9 kg 

Colour: Red black aluminium

One of the range of high quality pieces made using a combination of traditional metal working methods.

Taking care of your Sculpture

To keep your Sculpture in pristine condition it may benefit from occasionally being polished with a Metal polish.  Only ever use a premium quality polish and buff using a soft clean cloth.

Remember that although aluminium is a metal, it can be scratched by materials of a greater hardness factor.

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