Longships Candle Holder


Longships candle holder

A miniature sculpture of Longships, designed to take a 7/8” candle which when lit becomes the lighthouse.

Longships lighthouse stands guard 1.25 miles due west off the coast of Land’s End Cornwall atop Carn Bras, a welcoming sight to ships returning home but also a warning of the great rock outcrop it stands on.

The Longships candle holder is hand crafted in our Cornish workshop from solid aluminium, designed to take a 7/8” (22 mm) diameter dinner candle.  The candle holder has a natural silvery glow which accentuates the fine details of the rocky crags.

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Dimensions (approx):

  • Height: 25 mm
  • Length: 120 mm
  • Width: 95 mm
  • Weight: 165 g

Colour: Silver

One of the range of high grade aluminium candle holders made using a unique combination of traditional metal working methods, every piece bears the Atkinson-art stamp of quality.

Includes presentation packaging , a branded cotton storage bag and a product description card explaining the inspiration behind the piece.  Candles in a range of colours are available to buy separately to make the perfect gift.

 As all items are handmade there maybe slight variation.

Type of candle suitable for the Longships candle holder

Longships is one of the range of aluminium candle holders with a silver finish by Atkinson Art designed to take a 7/8″ (22 mm) diameter candle with parallel sides (not tapered).  Other candle holders in this range are Stack and Oak.

We think that an 8″ long dinner candle suits the proportions of the Longships candle holder the best, these are available to buy from us and from other quality candle shops.

To fit the candle, place it firmly into the candle holder and apply a slight turn to lock it into place.

Taking care of your candle holder

To keep your Longships candle holder in pristine condition it may benefit from occasionally being washed in lukewarm water before being dried thoroughly.  Only ever use a mild detergent (that is suitable for your skin) and wash with a soft cloth.  Dry and buff using a soft clean cloth.

Remember that high grade aluminium is a relatively soft metal and can be scratched by materials of a greater hardness factor.


Never leave a burning candle unattended or within reach of children or pets.  Candle holders should always be placed on an appropriate heat resistant flat surface, away from draughts and flammable objects.

More about Longships Lighthouse

Though at low water there is to be seen far off towards Scilly, for a mile or more a, dangerous strag of ragged rocks, amongst which the Atlantic Sea, and the waves of S. George’s and the British Channel meeting, make a dredful bellowing and rumbling noise at half ebb and half flood: which let seamen take notice of, to avoid them.”

William Hals’ History of Cornwall published in 1750, written in the 1730s

Around the cliffs of Land’s End, during storms, the motion of the seas can be described as an “entire disorder of the surges”—wrote Victorian art critic John Ruskin—“when every one of them, divided and entangled among promontories as it rolls in, and beaten back part by part from walls of rock on this side and that side, recoils like the defeated division of a great army, throwing all behind it into disorder, breaking up the succeeding waves into vertical ridges, which in their turn, yet more totally shattered upon the shore, retire in more helpless confusion; until the whole surface of the sea becomes one dizzy whirl of rushing, writhing, tortured, undirected rage, bounding, and crashing, and coiling in an anarchy of enormous power.”

The Longships Lighthouse rises from a group of rocks one mile and a quarter west of the Land’s End; the rock on which it is built, called Carn Bras, the Great carn, rises 71 feet above low water mark; the lighthonse measures from its base to the top of the lantern cowl 56 feet; its circumference at the base is 68 feet; the lantern is 11½ feet in diameter, and is lit by 19 Argand lamps. Four men are engaged in the lighthouse service, three being always in the building, and one on shore. It has happened that all communication with the mainland has been cut off for three months together; such is the wild fury of the sea at this place during stormy weather.

From a Complete Parochial History of the County of Cornwall, J Polsue 1872

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