From Blacksmith to Metalsmith


For many years Charles Atkinson ran an artisan forge, as a Blacksmith he designed and made interior and exterior iron works including renovation and restoration work.  For his post-war reinstatement of St Peter’s main entrance railings bearing the Cross Keys of St Peter, the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, he was in 2001 awarded by the Oxford Preservation Trust in conjunction with St Peter’s College for his “contribution made to the preservation and enhancement of Oxford’s heritage”.


Taking inspiration from past Master Blacksmiths in particular Jean Tijou, and the Master of Art Deco ironwork Edgar Brandt, he has refined traditional metalworking methods that break convention. Using a combination of materials and techniques he creates quality handmade functional art to suit every interior design.


“The more varied are our technical means, the greater the latitude for expression. . . . In order to create, the artist must make use of all the means that science places at his disposal: conserving or limiting oneself to the methods of times gone by is absurd. . . .

Simple logic and facts therefore bring us to the use of new models, to the steadfast pursuit of modernism in art.”


Edgar Brandt – “Lecture to the Graduates of the Technical Professional Schools” Paris, February 10, 1922.


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